Shines Over - The Damned

A first-person horror adventure in which you will be involved in a surreal plot, with apparitions and mysterious characters that will accompany you.

You have no name, you are unique, but your faithful friend, a large dog, will be your faithful follower.

Shines Over – The Damned will take you into a unique experimental adventure, in which your senses will be involved in a mysterious atmosphere, from which you will not know what will happen. Will you be able to reach the end of this adventure?

A unique story, with scares, tension, puzzles, skill, and everything… without weapons and with a faithful companion who will be with you. Our faithful dog, a German shepherd, will guide us through the most suspicious places in Shines Over – The Damned and will make your heart race at every step.

Beware of the dangers that lie in wait for you in Shines Over – The Damned. You have been warned.

Available for purchase on the PlayStation Store.

Full Version exclusive on PlayStation 5.


Horror, Moderate Violence